Celtic Spirituality

NEW START DATE:  An Online course beginning April 8 (ending June 10)
Thursdays at 7:30 PM

A revival of interest in Celtic art, history, and culture has led to the rebirth of a spirituality that is rooted in the sacred geography of these Celtic peoples. “New” Celts such as John Philip Newell and John O’Donohue can teach us a spirituality that is creation-centered and embodied, that nurtures connection and community, and that draws wisdom from many sources. In this ten-week course, we will consider the writings of some of these New Celts and their ancient roots in pre-Christian times and in medieval Christianity. Spiritual practices inspired by Celtic art and the worship of the Iona Community will be part of our time together. We will explore how the theology and practices of these thinkers can help congregations today to be strong and vital. There will be Zoom meetings once a week, Powerpoint lectures, assigned readings, writings prompts, and the chance to participate in a Facebook chat group.


This course will be taught by the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Prichard. Dr. Prichard has lived and worked in Scotland and has taught Celtic Spirituality in the US, in Scotland and New Zealand. A theologian and pastor, Rebecca was ordained in 1988 as an Assistant Minister in St. Giles’ in Edinburgh and has taught at San Francisco Theological Seminary, Christian Theological Seminary, Whittier College, Chapman University, and NTSW. Rebecca is also a practicing calligrapher with a special interest in the Celtic Gospel books. She is an Associate of the Iona Community.


This elective course is offered for Credit ($660) or Audit ($150)

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