Intro to Christian Belief & Practice


We will examine the practice of Sabbath-keeping in the context of a four-hour retreat to a local retreat center. As we explore belief and practice, we will look for the intersections between doctrine and discipline while we seek ways to deepen our belief and shape our spiritual formation.

Christian beliefs and practices are inseparable in the formation of Christian identity. One cannot be a Christian without believing in certain basic doctrines, yet neither can one be a Christian without participation in certain essential practices. While one’s Christian beliefs inform his or her practices, one’s Christian practices not only can inform but can deepen one’s beliefs. In this course, we will examine four basic Christian doctrines—the doctrines of God, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit and of the Trinity, while we also examine five basic Christian practices: prayer, Bible-reading, communion, praise/gratitude and Sabbath-keeping.

Introduction to Christian Belief and Practice

Professor: Dr. Janna Gosselin
Class will meet at the La Canada Presbyterian Church and be live-streamed

Course Brochure: Christian Belief and Practice Fall 2017