Certificate in Christian Ministry


To prepare ordained and non-ordained church leaders for service across a wide range of contexts. This certificate satisfies the requirements for the CLP/CRE designation in the PC(USA).


Students will gain understanding and experience in the following areas:

  1. The history and content of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.
  2. Reformed theology and church polity.
  3. Reformed worship forms, including preaching and sacraments.
  4. Pastoral care and basic counseling.
  5. Church management and non-profit governance.


The program consists of five required courses:

  1. The Whole Bible for the Whole Church
  2. Christian Theology and History
  3. Worship, Preaching/Teaching and Sacraments
  4. Pastoral Care and Counseling
  5. Church Management and Non-Profit Governance

Featured Faculty

Peter Hintzoglou, Michael Woodcock, Janna Gosselin, Charles Marks, David Tomlinson, Craig Gosselin, John A. D’Elia, and others.


Please contact us for the cost of the five courses and certificate.  Cohorts of five or more may receive discounted pricing if all students complete the courses together.


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  • Tuition for Certificate Program: $2500
  • Certificate Program will consist of: 5 required courses

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