Introduction to Christian Theology

Online Course with several face-to-face meetings
Beginning the week of September 16
Students will be notified by the instructor prior to the first meeting.

Taught by Dr. Janna Gosselin

Christian beliefs and practices are inseparable in the formation of Christian identity. One cannot be a Christian without believing in certain fundamental doctrines, yet neither can one be a Christian without participation in certain fundamental practices. In this course, we will examinethe doctrines ofGod,Christ, the Holy Spirit,the Trinity and Humanity/Humankindwhile we also examine practices including Sabbath-keeping. Communion, Prayer,Praise/Gratitude andCreation care. As we examine belief and practice, wewilllook for the intriguing intersections between doctrine and discipline.  NOTE: Weekly presentations, discussions, and assignments will be online; class participants will meet face to face at least two times (TBA).