The Prophets – Fall 2016

This course will introduce the prophetic books of the Old Testament, with attention to the prophets’ calling, message and ministry, their historical setting, and the formation of the books that bear their names. These writings occupy a crucial place within the Old Testament and in the grand sweep of scripture, as they bear witness to Israel’s “death” and “resurrection.” We will explore the essential contribution they make to our understanding of God’s freedom, justice, commitment, passion, holiness, and steadfast love. Our study will yield some fresh discoveries of the prophets’ urgent relevance for our lives and our world, including the areas of social justice, idolatry, spiritual integrity, and hope.

In our class meetings, we will make use of both broad survey and more detailed investigation of key passages, as well as spiritual practices, discussion, and reflection. We will also participate in two outside ministry experiences that implement some key parts of the prophets’ message.

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