Spirituality & Aging Certificate Program

spirit.aging.certificate pageThe Spirituality and Aging Certificate program, developed in tandem with NTS West and Human Good, enables participants to gain an understanding of the essential role of spirituality and how spirituality enhances the efficacy of other health care and congregational services to and with older adults. (The site can be found by clicking here.)

Programs today targeting older adults often rely upon outdated models, paradigms that do not reflect current cultural trends, or an incomplete understanding of the deeper issues faced by persons in the later stages of life. Today’s research shows that what is often lacking in older adult programming is an emphasis on the spirituality of aging.

This certificate program will focus on developing an awareness of spirituality in aging, allowing participants to engage the spirituality of the older adults whom they serve as well as their own spirituality in a manner that is wholistic and is sensitive to spiritual formation and human development.

The Program includes a half-day retreat and four half-day classes to be held on the third Saturday of each month.

To apply, please click here and we will take you to the form.

Cohort Development Retreat Design

The retreat will be preceded by a meeting of the Dean with lead faculty and possibly some design team members.

Since the plan is for the cohorts to meet from 9 am – 1:30 pm for each topical seminar, with a relationship-building component, the opening cohort development retreat will also introduce participants to each other and the upcoming topics and faculty. Those interested in exploring the Spirituality and Aging Certificate program are also invited to the retreat, as it is the required first step in earning the Certificate.

The retreat will start with a brief opening to the Spirit by centering or meditation or worship, with a suggested scripture focus: Psalms. 71, highlighting lifelong aging & spirituality.

Then, pre-registered Certificate students and those exploring the program will participate with faculty in introductions to facilitate getting acquainted by creative interactions related to the following:

  • Who are you?
    • Name – in addition to nametags
    • Maybe the Quaker Questions or a non-threatening Q from the
    • past, plus how you spend the majority of your time now, and what you love to do with any discretionary time.
  • Why are you here?
    • Share about your interest in Spirituality & Aging and your experience in both topics.
    • Or what prompts your interest in aging? And give us a verbal snapshot of an experience of spirituality you’ve had.

After a break, lead faculty presenters will make 15 minute previews of each of the four main topics.

After each preview with Q&A, small groups or dyads will interact about what they heard and how the topic relates to their interests, passion, responsibilities, and/or call.

At the close of the retreat, the Dean will meet with prospective students to clarify and finalize registration procedures and answer other questions.

 Continuing Education Credits Information

The Certificate will provide continuing education credit for those seeking hours for:

  • BRN
  • BBS
  • RCFE
  • Denominational Continuing

For more information about joining this cohort, contact:

  •  Phone: 626.765.9500
  •  Email: info@ntswest.org
  •  Website: www.ntswest.org

About NTS West

We are pastors, church leaders, and theologians who are excited to be part of a new way of doing seminary – serving and building up the body of Christ by offering a new theological education resource in Southern California. The New Theological Seminary of the West offers graduate courses, lay leader education, continuing education for pastors, programming for churches, and independent study options.

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About Human Good

Human Good was founded in the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live life with enthusiasm, confidence and security, regardless of physical, social or economic circumstances. Our mission is to ensure that those we serve have every opportunity to become their best selves as they define it. This extends to those who live in our communities, their family and friends, and the team members who serve them.

While the name is new, our mission is not. As American Baptist Homes of the West and be.group before HumanGood, we’ve supported older adults in their well-aging journey for nearly 70 years.

See more at: www.humangood.org

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