Foundational Perspectives


  • NTS West serves Christ and the Church by preparing deeply spiritual leaders, competent to move between action and reflection, and able to link real life experiences with the disciplines of theological study and reflection.  Our graduates will be equipped to assist people in deepening their life with God, forming Christian identity, and stepping into the world as servant-leaders.


  • The conversation begins with the Bible as we listen carefully to its content as well as to Christian tradition and the diverse contexts and cultures in which our students and graduates serve.


  • The Bible as the Word of God, and thus our authoritative sacred text, is foundational for our life and ministry and will be integral to all courses and arenas of learning.


  • NTS West is committed to theological education that prepares leaders to face the challenges of the church that is emerging rather than the church that was.


  • Christian spiritual formation will infuse all NTS West courses.   Prayer, worship, spirituality and practice will be integral to the learning experience.


  • NTS West cherishes diversity of all sorts and embraces the full spectrum of Christian theological traditions and perspectives.


  • Among our students will be those preparing for a vocation in ministry, those who want to deepen their faith, and working clergy seeking ongoing learning, all who are passionate about Christian ministry.