Continuing Education/Partner Church Program

The Seminary seeks to extend opportunities for continuing education to graduates and others who are seeking to enhance their professional skills and development in theology and ministry.  In line with its mission to serve the churches and other religious institutions, the Seminary also seeks to extend opportunities to Partner Churches to make use of its resources as appropriate.  Such opportunities are usually conferences, public lectures, and other events that the Seminary sponsors, but they may also entail attending a class that is part of a degree program at the Seminary.  Not all courses offered in the NTSW curriculum are open for continuing education or for Partner Church members, due to the content of the course.  The size of a class is also taken into consideration when determining whether or not a class is open to continuing education students and members of Partner Churches.  Continuing education students and Partner Church members pay a reduced fee and are expected to sit in on classes but are not expected to participate in discussions fully, and are not expected to turn in written work that is to be graded.  Upon completion of the course, these individuals will be given a certificate indicating their successful attendance.   The Seminary will not generate transcripts for continuing education students or for Partner Church members who attend a class under these conditions.  For information on courses that are open to continuing education and Partner Churches, contact the Registrar or Academic Dean.