Exciting News between NTSWest and International Theological Seminary

Most of you have been aware of the continuing conversations between NTSWest and its partner seminary, International Theological Seminary (ITS). We are writing to you now to highlight the results of those conversations.

The Boards of Trustees of both seminaries have been fully briefed on these actions and both have unanimously endorsed them. As NTSWest looked at its core mission values it realized that ITS is in an excellent position to carry out that vision within the context of an institution that has been in existence for more than 40 years and is fully accredited by both the ATS, nationally and BPPE for the state of California. Because of its longevity and its accredited status, ITS is well-equipped to continue the educational foci that has been so vital to NTSWest. This includes the strategic development of Certificate programs and the provision of both Masters and D. Min degrees to local part-time non-traditional students. This is how the sharing of the NTSWest resources with ITS looks:

  • NTSWest ceased “active” operations as of December 31, 2023.
  • All but one of the active NTSWest students (including those in the joint D. Min. program with NYTS) will have completed their degree programs by May of this year. That one remaining D. Min. student will be enrolled at ITS with Dr. Tomlinson as his advisor.
  • ITS already has developed a Certificate program in Lay Ministry. And, it is working with those who led the Spirituality and Aging Certificate program at NTSWest to offer this program to a broader audience in the fall of 2024.
  • ITS has traditionally served a broad international student group from underserved countries in the majority world. While they will continue to do that, the seminary is also actively seeking to expand its student outreach to local students and students throughout the US. The seminary has received a $1,000.000 grant from the Lilly Foundation to assist in this new phase of this program development.
  • ITS is developing a robust educational delivery system that includes face-to-face classes on its West Covina campus, live streaming of those classes, and a growing portfolio as of fall of 2024 of courses available online asynchronously. This combination of course delivery systems allows for outreach to the types of students formerly served by NTSWest.
  • The board of trustees of NTSWest is remaining in place for the next period of time and will be available to assist and advise ITS as it ventures into the areas that NTSWest has served so well these past years.

Those of you receiving this letter have been faithful to NTSWest and the impact that it has had training outstanding leaders for church and community. We hope that you will join all of us in continuing to support that mission and ministry through ITS! If you have additional questions we invite you to reach out to us either through ntswest.org or itsla.edu.

Dr. James Lee, ITS President

Dr. John D’Elia, NTSWest President