Rebecca Prichard

Rebecca Button Prichard
Seminary Courses Taught

Spring 1991, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California
   Reformed Confessions, co-taught with Randy Taylor.

Fall 1991/Spring 1992, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California
   History of Christianity I and II

Winter Term 1992, SFTS, Theology of Ministry, D. Min. Colloquium

Spring 1993 to Spring 1997, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana
   History of Christianity to the Reformation
   History of Christianity Reformation to Present
   Women in an Age of Reformation
   Women Mystics
   Women and Theology
   Systematic Theology I and II
   Theology of John Calvin (upper division seminar)
   Worship and Church Music

Summer 1995, 1997, SFTS, Dissertation/Project Seminar for D.Min. Summer School

Summer 1995, SFTS, Intensive course in Women and Theology for So Cal students in
San Anselmo.

March 1999, Phillips Seminary, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Medieval Christianity (one week

Spring 2001, 2003, 2005, SFTS/So Cal, Claremont, California
   Fundamentals of Preaching (with Jana Childers)

Summer 2001, SFTS
   Frontier Seminar, Sensing the Spirit, for D. Min. Summer School

Jan Term 2002, Fall 2002, Jan Term 2004, Fall 2004, Fall 2006, Fall 2008, Fall 2010,
January 2012,
SFTS/So Cal, Pasadena, California
   Reformed Worship and the Sacraments

Fall 2007, Spring 2009, Disciples Seminary Foundation, Claremont, California
   Church History, Certificate in Ministries Studies

Jan Term 2011, SFTS/So Cal, Spirituality and Pneumatology

Winter 2011, SFTS, Theology of Ministry, D.Min Colloquium

Fall 2005/Spring 2006, Fall 2007/Spring 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2011/Spring 2012,
   Systematic Theology I and II

Fall 2012, SFTS
   Systematic Theology II; Nature and Grace in Celtic Theology; [upcoming] Spring

2013: Reformed Confessions; Summer 2013: Theology of Ministry [D.Min.]

Spring 2015, New Theological Seminary of the West
    Celtic Trinity

Undergraduate Teaching:

Chapman University
   Fall 2013: Feminist Theology; Old Testament as Literature
   Spring 2014: Intro to New Testament
   JanTerm 2015: Celtic Spirituality

Whittier College
   JanTerm 2014: Celtic Spirituality
   JanTerm 2015: Music and the Bible