Judaism, Christianity, Islam: Related Religious Traditions

Fall Quarter 2015

Judaism, Christianity, Islam: Related Religious Traditions (2)
Date/Time: Wednesdays (9/30-12/2) 6:45pm-9:15pm

Professor: Reinhard Krauss
Location: Encino Presbyterian Church

The course offers an analysis of the complex interrelatedness of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  The aim is to present these religions as living traditions whose historical origins, current interactions, and future development is the dynamic context for ministry in the multi-religious world of Southern California.  To acquire a grasp of the internal ethos of each of these traditions, renowned scholars and recognized leaders will be guest presenters.

The course culminates in a forum in which scholars of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam engage in a “Trialogue” to explore the commonalities and differences on a key issue of common concern. This forum is open to the public.

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  1. This course has changed my ministry. As it was so interesting and there is so much to discuss regarding our Abrahamic faiths, I will be taking it again. The professor is focused on this topic as a prime mover in his life. I highly recommend this class and hope you might join us at First Presbyterian Church in Encino.

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